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UI,UX & Strategy

Step Inside Asia

Working with the team at Green Chameleon I lead the design and strategy for this interactive map based project. The direction for the project was based on old vintage maps, utilising paper textures and brush style effects to create a more crafted feel for the piece.

Working with the very talented Chloe Jackson, we created a set of illustrated maps, allowing users to explore each destination with subtly animated icons and features. The final step of the user journey was connecting the map through to Google Streetview 360 images, allowing the user to step into a virtual version of the location.




Inside Asia Tours

A Virtual experience

The final piece to this campaign site is the integration with Google Street View API. As a user is exploring the maps and uncovering each animation they can click through to view a completely interactive 360° photosphere. Short of going and visiting the locations, this unique experience is the perfect way of exploring the amazing destinations.

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